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Hi everyone! ::waves:: I see it's a bit quiet in here but I figured I'd try anyway.

I'm about to start on a Photoshop project for a friend, and I'd love some suggestions on an effect I'm trying to achieve. Basically, the friend wants a the final image to resemble a noir pulp novel cover.

Anyone have tips or ideas on creating that sort of flat, yet textured painted look on a photograph?

I'm not looking for a one click filter or anything, just some ideas to try out and experiment with. In the past I've had variable success with using layers of paint daubs and watercolor set on different blend modes. I'm probably guessing I'm going to want to try to pull outlines from the image and strengthen them as well.

Any ideas? :)
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A friend of mine is in desperate need of a Photoshop plug-in. I hope you can help.

He initially downloaded it from "Red Paw Media" and the plug-in was called "Bleach Bypass". Red Paw Media no longer exists and he isn't able to re-download (I believe he had misplaced/lost the original plug-in from there. He really likes its effect and would like to re-use it on a current project.)

Does anybody have this plug-in? If not, does anybody have any OTHER plug-in that would be similar to a "Bleach Bypass"?

I would greatly appreciate any help!!! Thank you so much in advance!

[I think he has PS:  CS2]

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44 text brushes from The Killers' Day & Age. .abr and .jpg included

Click here or on the picture to go to my icon community and the download.

-Credit is awesome ([community profile] eala_icons or [personal profile] twtd)
-Comments are also awesome


May. 6th, 2009 11:22 am
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Hi. Like the profile says, this is a community for all things Photoshop: tutorials, resources, tricks, tips, display of work, etc.

There are just a few rules:

1. Play nice with others.
2. Don't advertise your community without permission from the mod.
3. Post often!

If you are going to post icons, please do not link out to another journal; to keep things productive, I'd like to keep posts and conversation here in the community!


Feel free to start by posting an introduction of yourself!



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